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Foot Care

A Certified Master Pedicure is a non-medical advanced European esthetic pedicure service.


This is not a chiropody treatment but it is much more than your standard spa pedicure. We are trained to have an in-depth understanding of skin and nail disorders and the diabetic and geriatric foot.

Medi Pedi

60 minutes


Service includes a full client consultation with assessment. Soaking of the feet, cutting and filing of toenails, cleaning of the nails, (this includes any onychomycosis & Tinea Pedis). Reduction of thick nails, calluses & corns, followed by lower leg massage. Home Care will be given along with recommendation of products to help with your presentation.

Nail Treatment

30 minutes


This service is only available after you have had a Medi Pedi and is used to maintain good foot & nail health.

B/S Brace


If your toenails are too sensitive and painful or you suffer from excessive curvature of the toenail, the B/S Brace may be your non surgical corrective procedure that requires no down time.



New Services


Suzanne is currently enrolled in the Esthetics and Spa Management program at Loyalist College. She has completed first year of a 2 year program.

It is her goal to complete the 2-year program by the spring of 2017. She will be introducing various services as she completes the courses and feels confident in the skill — she has now added Maincures, Perdicures, Waxing & Facials to her list of services.


Suzanne is also working towards her Bachelor of Science, Podology – BSc.Pod.

Suzanne has completed her studies in Advanced Pedicure and is a Certified Master Pedicurist™.  Suzanne has extensive training working with diabetic feet, CVI, chronic dry skin, fungal infections and many other disorders that affect the feet. Suzanne also offers bracing, which is a non surgical alternative to relieve pain and straighten involuted and ingrown toenails.


Suzanne can be found at the clinic Monday through to Saturday.


“I encourage you to take the opportunity to visit me and begin a path towards better health.”

My Purpose

My purpose is simple — to guide you in taking control of your health in a private environment while you are working at achieving your optimum health goals.